Modes of Transportation

Truck Load Orders (TL)

TL Orders are “full” truckloads of A to B shipments from our dock to your destination. Smart Cabinetry’s Supply Chain including manufacturing, planning, and logistics use an aggregation model to control your costs and deliver the highest level of service. Our manufacturing flexibility to schedule and ship using the latest technology and techniques are far more cost effective than current less than truckload (LTL) models. Aggregation is the creation of a single shipment of multiple orders, originating from Smart Cabinetry to your defined destination that would have otherwise have been released as separate shipments. Smart Cabinetry’s logistical and manufacturing operations create numerous cost savings for our customers. Operational rules used by Smart Cabinetry’s Logistics Department:

  • 300 cabinets or 3,000 cubes planned standard. (May vary depending on order i.e. TL of vanities)
  • Over-cubed orders are shipped on the next available truck at customer’s expense.
  • Invoicing commences at time of scheduled shipment.
  • Payment discounts are not allowable on freight.
  • Orders stored are done at customer’s expense.
  • Customer pick-ups are required to have assets located in yard prior to days operation.
  • Customers must schedule managed freight through Smart Cabinetry’s Logistics. Please contact

Multi Stop Truck Loads (MSTL)

Essentially MSTL is defined as one carrier from our facility in New Paris Indiana with multiple customer deliveries utilizing a higher percentage of cubes than full truck loads yet less expensive than less than truckload (LTL) freight. Smart Cabinetry’s Multiple Stop Program utilizes its ability to consolidate their LTL shipments into one truckload for delivery into concentrated geographical areas. The benefit to our customers becomes an overall shipping program reducing our customer’s costs.

  • Greater Asset Utilization
  • Increased Service Levels
  • Lower Costs than LTL
  • Lower Costs than A to B full TL’s
  • Increased visibility to delivery times
  • Increased load control
  • Less Load Damage (while in transport)
  • Increased Inventory Control
  • Reduced Inventory Carrying Cost
  • Payment discounts are not allowable on freight.
  • Multiple stops are color coded and numbered by stop on package and shipping documentation.
  • Multiple stops are not permissible to single address locations.

Note: Smart Cabinetry reserves the right to load orders, route orders and execute shipments when determined by the lowest cost solution for all orders within a particular load mix. Additional charges incurred due to out of route miles are borne by the customer requesting the change to existing freight solution.

Inter Modal (IM)

IM shipping is the movement of freight using more than one mode of travel where all parts of the transportation network are effectively connected and coordinated. Smarts IM shipping relationship includes a system of both origin and destinations (for example, Smart Manufacturing Facility to Job Site, Your Facility), as well as the links between them (such as roads or rail). Our inter-modal shipping network includes the use of the thousands of rail lines, trains, and trucks that are connected in a seamless system that are efficient and flexible to meet the needs of our valued customers and cargo. The benefits of IM shipping continue to evolve from our strategic relationship with our logistics partners into an attractive, affordable, efficient and convenient form of transporting freight of Smart Cabinets. Smart Cabinetry’s Logistics utilizes Inter-Modal segment to reach customers at a minimum 1,000 miles from our plant. Our logistics partners operate a large fleet of company-owned 53’ containers across a nationwide network of rail partners utilizing all major rail lines, anchored by BNSF in the West and Norfolk Southern in the East. IM shipping saves 10-20%
compared to shipping by truck only.

  • Multi-Drop capabilities exist further lowering the cost of freight.
  • 53’ foot containers (Same size as dry van trailer)
  • Payment discounts on freight are not allowable
  • Rail Lines and lanes are subject to availability
  • Rail Line capacity subject to seasonal limitation.
  • Rail Line pricing at time of shipment
  • Plan for additional transit time (2-4 days depending on location)

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