General Shipping Information

The mantra for Smart Cabinetry’s Supply Chain driven by transportation and logistics is simple: reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction levels. However, market forces such as higher fuel costs and decreased capacity work to undermine these goals. A number of different modes of transportation exist today within Smart Cabinetry’s Logistics Operation. Individual shipments leaving our facility are analyzed for optimization by route and mode of transport. Cost reduction strategies no longer are sufficient as stand-alone strategies. Transportation professionals alike have begun to realize that negotiating lower rates with carriers is only a first step in an effective supply chain and transportation management system. To be successful, we must find ways to reduce costs while maintaining customer service levels. Smart Cabinetry must utilize and reserves the right to utilize creative initiatives that will produce savings and allow us to remain competitive.

Our goal has not changed, optimize our freight in turn, and produce in bound costs savings to customers without reducing service levels. Smart Cabinetry will optimize then analyze to place freight with the most efficient economical mode of transportation. The fundamental practice to drive cost savings, deliver value, and improve operating efficiencies from the various modes of transportation and operational tactics listed below have become very powerful tools employed at Smart Cabinetry.

  • Increase use of technology
  • Labels are bar coded to show date built & date loaded.
  • Fool proof loading technology
  • Load will show cabinets on truck and left off of truck.
  • Produce % complete
  • Produce items list.
  • Quality load assurance software allowing only applicable cabinets by order on truck.
  • Advanced scheduling and routing techniques
  • Advanced continuous Aggregation models in manufacturing (Eliminate more costly LTL shipments)
  • Continuous consolidation and optimization of shipments (Maximize trailer utilization)
  • Continuous moves (Efficient routings using the latest optimization software)
  • Mode Optimization (Understanding the differences in cost and service between alternatives)
  • Lowest cost solution available(Our Goal and Promise to Customers)

Customer Responsibility

Inspect your cabinets upon arrival: All cabinets are subject to numerous quality inspections before leaving our manufacturing facility. Smart Cabinetry is packaged carefully to prevent damage during the handling and shipping of ones order. Occasionally, damage will occur from our dock to your facility. We ask you to help us help yourself and inspect each cabinet prior to installing or placing in inventory. To help control our costs please perform the following checks when receiving your order:

Receiving Instructions:

  1. Please inspect your cabinets immediately upon arrival.
  2. Locate receiving documents from the carrier.
    • Bill of lading (BOL)
    • Item master list
    • Packing list
  3. Identify items ordered and count all packages and document on bill of lading (BOL)
  4. Valuable information included in Smart Cabinetry Shipping documents:
    • Piece count by SKU
    • Package count
    • % of completion
    • Weight
    • # of Pallets
  5. Understand the difference between # of items received and # of packages received. 1
  6. Please sign for piece count, package count, and pallet count received (whichever applies).
  7. Smart Cabinetry will not be responsible or liable for misplaced, loss or damaged product once the carrier is provided a clean and clear receipt.
  8. Documentation of damage is required on the bill of lading (BOL).
  9. Damage claims are submitted on Smart “Claims” form includes pictures stating damage and any statements of condition.
  10. Customer must receive product in accordance with Smart Cabinetry shipping and receiving policies. Submittal information verifying the claim is required. Failure to comply will result in loss of compensation for the customer.
  11. “Back Orders” (BO) are identified prior to shipping and noted on shipping documentation and product packages. Back Orders will ship 7-10 business days at Smart Cabinetry’s expense.
    • Smart Logistics notifies customers prior to shipment via phone, email, or fax.
    • Shortages i.e. doors identified on product package
    • Status updates available by contacting Smart Service via email to
  12. Customer requests to alter shipping routes are adhered to when feasible at customers expense. 2

Note1: Smart Cabinetry will ship multiple pieces (accessories) in single packaged units. Identify total package and piece counts take note of the differences between the two quantities.

Note2: Customer requests to alter route selection of ones order are adhered to when capability to execute exist. Out of route miles when shipping ones request are considered and billed accordingly.

Freight Estimates

Freight estimates are available upon request. To receive pricing on freight please contact for an updated quote. The variables surrounding the cost of freight include but are not limited to fuel, mode of transport, age of equipment, internal requirements of the carrier, miles, routing and experience of the driver. As stated, Smart Cabinetry utilizes the brightest in logistics resources. Yet, with all that know how behind us there are factors driving your freight week to week. Listed below are the conditions of Smart Cabinetry Freight Quotes:

  • Freight Estimates are good for seven (7) business days.
  • Freight Estimates are analyzed and quoted by most economical mode of transport
  • Inter Modal estimates are given at time of shipment.
  • Include LTL accessorial services (see accessorial table) at time of order.

Fuel Prices are based on Department of Energy’s Information Administrations weekly report on fuel service charges which provides weekly price data by U.S. regions of regular gasoline and on-highway diesel fuel, with week ago and year ago comparisons.

LTL Orders & Large cabinet orders:

Less than Full Cabinet orders or single pieces larger than 48” at times are shipped on common carriers. LTL cabinets are packaged in individual boxes, banded and placed onto a shrink-wrapped pallet. Large tall cabinets are placed on their backs to an 8-foot pallet shrink wrapped then banded to skid. Cabinets will ship via common carrier using the most economical provider based on both estimated time and price. Contact Smart Customer Service or your Smart Sales Representative for a list of services available to meet your receiving needs. Requirements include:

  • Proper removal equipment with fork extensions necessary to unload cabinets safely.
  • Cabinets shipped to businesses with or without a loading dock
  • Cabinets shipped to limited access sites (construction, multi-unit residential, commercial). Charges apply when not identified up front of the impending environmental conditions.
  • Individual must be on site to inspect and sign for shipment.
  • Carriers require a 3-4 hour window for delivery.
  • Additional shipping and handling charges may occur if unable to deliver.

Small cabinet orders/JCO:

Cabinets will be packaged unassembled in individual boxes shipped via a common carrier. Cabinets can be shipped to businesses with or without a loading dock, commercial residences, and construction sites. If there are any concerns regarding the delivery of our product please contact us as soon as possible. Cabinets received should be thoroughly inspected for damage by the buyer or the buyer’s designated recipient. The buyer is responsible for all damage that occurs following receipt of the shipment.

  • A $25 dollar minimum charge applies to all JCO shipments.

Non-Cabinet orders/JCO Accessories:

All small parcel orders not containing cabinets will be shipped via UPS to the shipping address noted on the order. Any concerns regarding your order that may arise from the receipt of Smart Products please contact Smart Customer Service. All shipments should be thoroughly inspected for damage by the buyer or the buyer’s designated recipient. The buyer is responsible for all damage that occurs following receipt of the shipment. Allowances will not be made when submitted outside the time permitted.

  • A $25 dollar minimum charge applies to all JCO shipments.

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