Frequently Asked Question's

What is the lead time for my order?

Lead time begins after the 24 hour confirmation review and sign-off process for standard orders. Sample, claims, and JCO (rush) orders are processed weekly.

How do I care for my cabinetry?

How do I know when my cabinets will deliver?

For the actual date of shipment, please contact the shipping department 3-4 days prior to the build date on your order’s confirmation.

How many cabinets can ship on one truck load?

250-300 cabinets or 3,000 cubes are standard for one truckload. (Subject to change according to SKU sizes)

What if my shipment is damaged?

If damage occurs during shipment, upon delivery notify the delivery driver of the damage and request that he/she make a note of the damage on the bill of lading. Sign the Bill of Lading, as proof of delivery; include identified damage noted on signed Bill of Lading. All damaged items need to be accepted by the customer. Do not reject damaged items.

Damage claims with will need to be filed on Smart Claims Form prior to shipping replacements. To file a damage claim please fill out claims form in its entirety then email to Include your order number, buyer’s name, shipping address and a brief description of damage. It is highly recommended to send pictures of damage along with the claims form. Upon receipt of the claim form, Smart Cabinetry will send a confirming email. Proceed to re-order replacements parts as soon as possible under a different (new) purchase order. Your purchase order will include the necessary information of cabinet or component replaced. Smart Cabinetry cannot be held responsible for any labor costs accrued during the installation of products sold via any of its channels of distribution due to claim. This includes, but is not limited to, items that may be flawed or have become damaged in transit.

Notes: This policy does not cover freight damages or shortages due to shipping of product. Customer must receive product in accordance with Smart Cabinetry shipping and receiving policy, and may be required to submit information verifying the claim. These policies are set by our freight carriers, so failure to comply will result in loss of compensation for the customer.

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