Credit Application Process, Four simple steps

To begin, fill out all four simple forms below. Adobe reader is required to view the applications, and can be downloaded for free at Adobe's website.

  • If all FOUR steps are not completed your application WILL be denied.
  • Steps 1, 2, and 4 may be sent via fax. For fastest process time, please submit electronically via e-mail to Traci Parker (
  • The DNBi Credit Application (step 3) MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY to DNBi in order to process your credit.
  • All credit applications must submit a tax status for ST-105 (step 4) and submit with application.
  • All forms will open in a new window.

Distributor / Dealer Profile Personal Guarantee DNBi: Credit Application Tax Exempt Form

Smart Cabinetry Credit Policy

TERMS OF PAYMENT: 1% 10 / NET 30 within limit. After 45 days if the account is not current it will be put on "HOLD" until remuneration can be made prior to shipment. Shipments will not be made after 45 days until account is current. If after 60 days, the account will be turned over for collections through our collection agency. Smart Corp reserves the right to charge 1-1/2% interest a month or 18% annually or the highest allowable rate permitted by the State of Indiana.
Customer agrees to pay $35.00 return check fee EACH TIME a check is returned by bank. Customer accepts responsibility and guaranties invoices WILL BE PAID within the established terms. Failure to pay Smart Corp for the materials specified in invoices received may result in the filing of a mechanic's lien on the property which is the subject of this contract. Should litigation become necessary to collect such invoice, customer accepts the responsibility of any collection, attorney fees, court costs and/or pre-post judgment interest that may be assessed during collection procedures. Customer hereby agrees that any claims between the parties shall be litigated in the appropriate Elkhart County Court in the state of Indiana and waives any right to have the claims heard in any other court.

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