Accessorial Charges

We receive many questions regarding accessorial services and charges. Accessorial charges are fees for performing services beyond normal pick up, transport, and delivery. Accessorial Fees are billed accordingly. See limited information provided below describing accessorial fee based services provided by Smart Cabinetry. Accessorial Fees and type of service provided are subject to change. Accessorial fees will be included in the freight quote when services requested and understood at time of order.

Note: Accessorial Services carry a nominal charge as such it is our customer’s responsibility to include the services necessary at time of order. Otherwise, services will be billed as rendered and approved at time of delivery. These fees are due and payable as invoiced.

Truck Division Charges
Detention – Time Customers have 2 hours to unload trucks. In/out times delivery MUST BE documented on BOL. Detention time starts after the second hour and billed in 15 minute increments at $75/hour. It is customer responsibility to have proper equipment and staff levels to adequately unload cabinets in within time limits.***Detention time will be determined using trailer tracking technology.
Circuitous Miles (TL) When point-to-point rates are published on a truckload dollar basis, the dollar amount will be divided by the miles from origin to destination (excluding all intermediate stops), and the resulting revenue per mile (rounded to the nearest cent) will be applied to all miles
Equipment ordered not used (Canceled Trucks) A charge of $1.95 per mile from the last destination to the original designated pickup, subject to a minimum charge of $250, will apply.
Layover fee is $250 per day
Driver assist will be paid at $75 per stop. Driver will bring items to the end of the truck.
Minimum Charge When rates are published on per mile basis and no minimum charge is specified, a minimum charge of $700 will apply. Point-to-point rates are not subject to the minimum charge.
Stops in Transit Additional stops in transit will be applied charges of $50 for the first stop and each stop thereafter. Intermodal loads are subject to the applicable Circuitous Miles charge (see below).
Intermodal Division Charges
Circuitous Miles (IM) All mileage beyond the 1st stop will be billed at an additional $1.95 per mile.
Premium Rail Service Rates are based upon standard transit times. If Premium Rail Service is required, an additional charge of $0.25 per loaded mile will apply.
LTL Schedule B Effective 10/12/2010
Appointment Notification $20 per bill of lading
Corrected BOL $10.00
HAZMAT FOR LTL $18 Per Bill of Lading
Lift Gate $4.00 CWT, subject to a minimum charge of $65.00 and a maximum charge of $250.00
Limited Access Is any $3.25 CWT, subject to a minimum charge of $55.00 and a maximum charge of $175.00
Redelivery for LTL When a shipment must be redelivered due to no fault of Smart Cabinetry or carrier, the shipment will be assessed a charge of $4.50 CWT, subject to a minimum charge of $50.00 and a maximum charge of $385.00
LTL Storage Freight not delivered due to no fault of Smart Cabinetry or carrier shall be charged a fee of $2.00 per CWT per day, subject to a minimum charge of $35.00 a day and a maximum charge of $125.00 per day, per vehicle.
The Accessorial Services listed above are the most frequently provided by Smart Carriers.
For a complete list, click here.

The origin, destination, zip codes, classification, shipping weight, and any additional services that may be required in transit, will determine actual charges. Rates and additional charges will be determined using our signed rules and accessorial charges in place at the time of pick up. If no signed rules and accessorial charges are in place at the time of pickup, rates will be subject to the J.B. Hunt standard LTL rules tariff 101. Final rates will be calculated based on actual freight characteristics and will be invoiced if additional charges apply. The fuel surcharge will be calculated based on the DOE national average fuel price for the week of pick up. By choosing Smart Cabinetry, you have agreed to the JB Hunt terms and conditions supplied herein.

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