Smart Cabinetry Certifications

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Cabinets must meet the guidelines for cabinet industry standards. For example, all cabinets must be fully enclosed with backs, bottoms, sides, and tops on all wall cabinets. In addition to building standards, all cabinets must pass many rigorous tests. Five structural tests must be completed including: shelving, mounting, joint strength, cabinet strength, and impact. The door hinges are tested for durability as well by putting them through several tests which test the hinges strength under extra weight. Four tests are run on each available finish to ensure a high quality product. A high-heat, hot / cold endurance, stain resistance, and water / detergent test are finally run.

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The Environmental Stewardship Program encourages industry policies and practices that benefit the environment and society. The voluntary certification program provides a tangible way for cabinet manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. ESP goes beyond other environmental programs by taking a holistic approach to certification, holding the industry to higher standards and requiring third party verification for many of its criteria. After meeting the rigorous certification requirements companies are awarded the ESP seal to display on their products. ESP confirms and expands upon the following beliefs found

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