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Smart Cabinetry® is committed just as much to the environment as we are to our customers. To leave the lightest carbon footprint on our environment is something every employee at Smart strives for. Protecting the environment is not just green, it's Smart. We continually make every effort to improve our manufacturing processes and products to ensure environmental responsibility and a continual reduction of our carbon footprint. Many of the components included in our cabinets contribute to various LEED® credits including but not limited to recycled content, regional materials, rapidly renewable materials, and low-emitting materials.

Aside from the practical storage and aesthetic appeal, Smart Cabinetry® cabinets are designed to be environmentally friendly and reduce the negative impact on our environment. Far too many benefits to building green exist today including the cost savings from reduced energy, water and waste disposal costs; and a healthier consumer environment from cleaner indoor air. Below you will find a list of LEED® credits that you are eligible for when you purchase Smart Cabinetry.

Credits MR2

2 points possible:
50% — 1 point
70% — 2 points
95% — +1 EP point

Recyclable Packaging -

This credit focuses on diverting waste from landfi lls by fi nding multiple alternatives for end uses of the waste, namely recycling, reuse on site, donation for reuse on another site, or resale. All of these diversion methods count towards credit compliance—50% construction waste diverted grants one point, while 75% for earns two points. Look for opportunities to prevent the generation of waste on construction sites because the less waste you generate, the less you have to recycle or reuse to earn the credit. There are two diff erent approaches to recycling construction and demolition (C&D) waste: separating materials at the source (on site), or commingling them and sending them to an off -site waste sorting facility. Either approach can work well. Your choice will depend on whether there is room for sorting on site, whether the contractor is willing to take that on, and if there are good sorting facilities nearby. Smart Cabinetry packaging materials include corrugated cardboard. These materials are completely recyclable, and can earn the MR 2.1 or MR 2.2 Credits.

Credits MR3

2 points possible:
5% — 1 point
10% — 2 points

Reusable Products -

Reused material is something that has been reused or repurposed from another location or a diff erent role—like antique doors salvaged from an old church, raised fl oor pedestals saved from one offi ce project and sold to another, or offi ce partitions relocated from a previous offi ce to a new one. Smart Cabinets are durable and may be reused in other projects. Additional LEED credits may apply if our cabinetry is reused MRc2: Construction Waste Management—may also be claimed if the materials were salvaged from the same project, in which case you can count them towards both MRc3 (subject to the constraints mentioned above) and MRc2.

Credits MR4*

2 points possible:
10% — 1 point
20% — 2 points

Recycled Content -

Reduce impacts resulting from extraction and processing of virgin materials. Use materials with recycled content such that the sum of postconsumer recycled content plus 1/2 of the presconsumer content constitutes at least 10% or 20% , based on cost, of the total value of the materials in the project. May very depending on the manufacturer. Particleboard 30% preconsumer / 70% postconsumer MDF 98% preconsumer / 0% postconsumer

Credits MR5*

2 points possible:
10% — 1 point
20% — 2 points

Regional Materials -

Use of building materials or products that have been extracted, harvested or recovered, as well as manufactured, within 500 miles of the project site for a minimum of 10% or 20% based on cost, of the total materials value. This contribution is dependant on project location.

Innovation & Design Credit

1+ points possible

Innovation & Design (ID) Credit 1 -

Products may contribute to Innovation in Design (ID) Credit 1. The intent of Innovation in Design Credit 1 is to provide design teams and projects the opportunity to be awarded points for exceptional performance above the requirements set by the LEED Green Building Rating System. Our MDF Powder Coated Products meet the exceptional performance standards established by LEED.

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