NTA Green Ready

NTA Inc. maintains a state-of-the-art; industry-leading testing facility to ensure that products meet compliance standards established by regulatory, government and industry organizations. NTA, Inc. is a leader in building component testing and evaluation, and has considerable expertise in accurate and reproducible analysis of the new low-VOC coatings. They specialize in paints and coatings for the building industry. NTA Inc. developed an “Approved Green” certification so that manufacturers can confidently market their low-VOC coatings and sealants to engineers and architects looking for products that can contribute to green building standard points. To read more about NTA, visit their website.

National Green Building Standards ICC 700-2008
  • Materials used have recycled content.
  • Bio-based products are used, item (g) natural fiber products made from crops.
  • Wood-based products are certified to requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • Cabinets in accordance with KCMA ESP 01.
    • Manufactured and labeled in accordance with ANSI A208.1 or ANSI 208.2.
    • Particleboard, MDF, or hardwood plywood is in accordance with CPA 2-06.
    • No urea-formaldehyde added or in accordance with CARB Composite Wood Air Toxic Contaminant Measure Standard.

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